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Glassware Hire

We offer a number of vases, bowls and candelabras for hire for your special day. Hire charge includes time for preparation and return one day after event. Please contact us for further information.

Deposits are held as security against loss or breakage and are refunded when hired items are safely returned or collected.

10 inch Fish Bowls
    Hire Charge  £5.00 ea + deposit of £10.00

8 inch Fish Bowls     Hire Charge  £4.00 ea + deposit of £8.00

6 inch Fish Bowls     Hire Charge  £3.00 ea + deposit of £6.00

4 inch Fish Bowls     Hire Charge £2.00 ea + deposit of £4.00



30cm Square Mirrors     Hire Charge £1.50 ea + deposit of £5.00

30cm Round Mirrors      Hire Charge £2.00 ea + deposit of £6.00

8 inch Square Mirrors    Hire Charge £1.50 ea + deposit of £4.00

60cm Round Lily Vases Hire Charge £5.00 each + £12.00 deposit
60cm Black Lily Vases  Hire Charge £5.00 each + £12.00 deposit
60cm Flute Vases
         Hire Charge £6.00 each + £15.00 deposit

70cm Martini Glasses    Hire Charge £15.00 each + £40.00 deposit


80cm 5 Branch Silver Candelabra    Hire Charge £15.00 each + £50 Deposit

Illuminator Pads

8" Rechargeable Illuminators      Hire Charge £5.00 each + £15.00 deposit

4" Battery Operated Illuminators Hire Charge £3.50 each + £10.00 deposit